Jajo UK – A few changes

You may have noticed a few changes going on and I wanted to explain why things have been quiet on our social media channels and what we’ve been up to.
Jajo have been trading since 2013 – so almost 6 years now – and we are so grateful of how much we’ve grown over that time.
From just me at the kitchen table around kids and a ‘real job’ 🙄 to a team we have diversified over the years. With that in mind we now have well over 400 products, each with an array of variations and specialise in a range of things (that you may not even realise!).
We are now JajoUK and under the brand we will have the different sections of the business, Jajo Gifts will be one of them. This will help us all find exactly the products and services that meet our needs much more easily.
You’ll see our new logo here and we are planning a new, streamlined website that we are really quite excited about.
We have some fabulous content coming and of course new products and services.
We are so grateful to be so busy and have a crazy time ahead but are confident that you’ll love the results!

Please do show your Jajo items on social media and we are going to reward those who share the #JajoUKlove so please do tag us in!

Happy Friday folks!
Love Amanda xxx

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