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Going Greener

Jajo UK Eco friendly

While we want your keepsakes to last forever we don’t want the packaging, waste and environmental impact to.

I’ve always been keen on recycling and reusing so have been evaluating our waste for a while.

That’s why we’ve changed our packaging.

On an average week we use nearly 200m of bubble wrap and 100 thick bags. All of which are plastic and have a long lasting impact on the environment.

So we have new boxes and our fill packing is biodegradable and compostable too. That means about 95% of the packaging we use is now kind to the planet and can be recycled or reused! I just need to tackle tape and then we’re all good!

Before the goodies get to you we recycle and reuse in house too. All the tubes and reels and small boxes etc go to the local school for the children to use for modelling and the boxes are taken to be recycled or are used in a friends reuse projects!
Any materials that are damaged or not great quality are passed on to various places to utilise too.

We’ve now reduced our waste as a business to well under one bag a week, which I’m delighted with considering the amount of items moving through our small business.